About Henrik Grimbäck
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Who am I?


Henrik Grimbäck is a Swedish born stage director graduated from the Danish National School of Performing Arts in 2016. Grimbäck has been artistic director at Teater Momentum in Odense (2016-2017) where he created the new royal theatre that for a year created parallel versions of every work on the national stage.


Grimbäck was also one of the co-founders of the theatre art collective TOETT. The groups first work “Joey Chestnut” (2013) earned the collective a spot on the prestigious ELIA (The European League of Institutes of the Arts) festival NEU/NOW 2015. In 2016 the group created MartyrMuseum in collaboration with S/H which resulted an international news debate about martyrdom which again became a world wide phenomena when the piece guested “Nordwind festival” in Berlin/Hamburg 2017.


Previously Grimbäck has been nominated for “det fynske kulturpris” 2017 and has been awarded with both the Danish art councils talent of the year award (2016) and the city of Malmös culture award (2018).

What have I done so far?


Since graduating a lot of my work has been circulating around creating visual theatre that in one way or another explores the boundaries of theare. The methods have been different but the curiosity and drive to see what theatre can be is ever present. Whether it is audience interaction in Joey Chestnut, the common solitude of actors and audience in Fewer Emergencies or the possibly of creating an alternative national stage as the new royal theatre the ambition has always been the same. To create exiting theatre that is worth experiencing and possesses the ability to touch its audience. Here you can see some of my work and if you want to explore  further you can find links to my cv and portfolio below.

Where I am going


I hope to continue my work exploring the outer edges of theatre and to get the possibilities to do projects in the mixed media genre where different people and art forms come together. Apart from that I would very much like to lecture, teach and help organizations to increase their presentational skills and enter new collaborations that I today can’t even imagine yet. And yes, just one more thing. Right now I would like to direct some comedy. In these dark times the world need to laugh and escape reality to breath, if just for a brief moment.